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Same-day shipping. One-day rentals. 24 hour access. Instant gratification is rather awesome. So, if you need a project done now, why wait weeks for a finished commercial or web video?

We agree.

That’s why we’re introducing VMC Express--a modern approach to getting the video services you need, in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing quality and style.

How can we do it?
It’s simple. Our crew will arrive at your business in the morning and shoot the video footage. While you go ahead with your day, we’ll edit and polish your video. By the time your day is done, you’ll have a commercial that’s ready for YouTube, Facebook, and your own website.

How much will it cost?
Our pricing is flexible and designed to work within your budget. Contact us for a list of affordable rates to fit your marketing needs.

What’s the bottom line?
With VMC Express, same-day service isn’t just for delivery companies anymore. Give us one day, and we’ll give you one stellar video.

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