Visual Media Concepts creates video. It’s what we do – and we’re great at it.

Yesterday’s marketing standards simply do not work with today’s customers.

Consumers are used to seeing banner ads, digital pictures, pop-ups, the typical ad tools on a web page – and they are increasingly ignoring them. Video, on the other hand, engages viewers, asking them to play, rewind, and explore, all the while presenting your product and its advantages. Web video captures the attention of potential customers, dramatically increasing their interest level and information retention about your products. This kind of direct customer interaction not only illustrates your products, it establishes a link between the user and your business.

“Web marketing” is not just an online commercial. Visual Media Concepts has the creative and technical expertise to help you create a web site that will turn your target audience into paying customers, and that’s just the beginning.
So how could you use video on your web page?
• Business Profiles – An overview of your company and key employees personalizes your organization, forging a stronger connection with consumers.
• Customer Testimonials – Word of mouth is always powerful; showcase your customers’ positive experiences.
• Community Impact – Highlight your connection to the community and, therefore, to your market.
• Demonstration – Seeing how well something works is way more impressive than hearing about how well it works.
• Educate – Customers can actually learn how to make the best use of your products.
• Employee Training – Record employee training sessions and get the most bang for your training dollars.
• Inspire – a call to action or encouragement to your customers to try your products
• Media Updates – Making changes to your website keeps customers coming back and raises your visibility to search engines. Use video to highlight industry developments, business events, new inventory or services, or human interest stories.
• Newsletters- Keep your website current by publishing newsletters that embed or include links to video.

Visual Media Concepts also offers a select range of corporate video solutions that reach beyond internet applications. We can create your video for one or two primary functions, or design it for use in multiple ways:
• Trade Shows
• Sales Calls
• Attracting Investors
• Training Seminars
• Corporate Events
VMC can also take care of your needs for
• Event Taping
• DVD / VHS / Media Duplication

For more information, please contact us or call us at (937) 305-8369. We would love to provide a free consultation on how Visual Media Concepts can craft many video solutions to your specific business needs.

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